The View Map in Detail

There are two sides of the View Map:
  • The Folder Structure and the dedicated use.
  • The View Settings for different Viewpoints and Graphic Styles.


Each Folder has a purpose and dedicated use. Notice how the structure follows closely to that within the Layout Book.
The Workflow is that any view created in these Folders should have a corresponding Layout in the same Subset of the Layout Book.



View Map Brochures.png



This Folder contains all the views necessary for the DA Deliverable.

All Views have a designated Layout in the Layout Book.

You will notice that both the Elevations and Sections views have an extra dropdown. This is due to these particular views being sourced from the Project Map as Clones. Clones allow you to select an entire folder from the Project map and replicate it exactly in the View Map with the preferred settings. Anytime that a new viewpoint is added in the project map to a cloned folder, it will replicate in the View Map.

NOTE: You can not delete just one view from a Cloned Folder. Trying to delete one view will display a warning stating that the entire Cloned Folder will be removed.

View Map DA.png




View Map Construction.png



This Folder contains all the views necessary for use as Drafting Aids.

It has been organised to separate the main types of drafting aids including:

  • Titleblocks
  • Legends and Notes
  • Schedules
  • Indexes

You will also notice that those viewpoints in the Project Map that are labelled as Quality Control (Using the **** symbol) are not placed in this folder. To keep this tidy, only Views that will eventually be placed as drawings on a Layout should be saved in this Extras Folder.

View Map Extras.png



This Folder provides a location to save all necessary 3D Views.

In this folder you can create more folders to organise the Views more effectively or just continue to saved Views as needed on a per project basis.

View Map 3D.png



View Filters have been organised in a way that the Drawing /Graphic Styles will be aligned by names for :
  • Layer Combination
  • Model View Option
  • Graphic Override
  • Renovation filter
While the other view filters given in the template, will control settings that are not directly related to Graphic Styles:
  • Scale
  • Pen Set
And finally Structure Display – which you will rarely need to change.

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