The Layout Book in Detail

Your Hall & Hart Template comes with a few Pre-populated Layouts divided into SubSets, let’s take a look:

Layout Book Folders.png


This Set is for Brochure Plans in A3 format (see also A3 BROCHURE Master Layout) and it will help you create Brochure Plans quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 3.06.01 pm.png

There’s only a few Auto Texts linked to these masters. Most of the content will be placed here using the Drawing tool with the “BROCHURE DRAWING” Favourite:

Brochure Drawing Favourite.png

For this Set use the following Masters:




This Set is for DA/CDC & Construction Plans in A3 format.

Most of the content will be placed on the layouts using the Drawing tool with the following favourites:

  • NO SCALE: Used to place drawings that shouldn’t define their scale in the Titleblock.
    • These can include 3D Views, Notes, Legends, Schedules and more.
  • SECTION DRAWINGS: To place Section Drawings.
  • STANDARD DRAWINGS: To place all other drawings.
    • This favourite will fit the bounding box to all model content from the view.

Layout Book Favourites.png

For this Set use the following Masters:

  • A3 COVER



The A3 HORIZONTAL Master Layout has been set as the default. This means that all additional Layouts that are created will automatically have this Master Layout set.

To change this you need to select on your newly intended default and Right-click, from the options select Set as Default.

Find here a quick description of all available pre built Masters:

Master Layouts.png



The Layout Book has been setup with automatic numbering for all the enclosed Layouts. This has required some specific setup for the Layout Book and Subset Settings. Settings that will be elaborated on below:

The initial Book Settings start the automatic numbering system. To access the Book Settings you need to Right-Click on the Layout Book and select Book Settings…

The Book Settings Dialog will appear and the following settings have been selected:

Book Settings.png

For the Brochure Plans Subset we wish for this to have its own Numbering System, independent of the rest of the Layout Book. Therefore we need to enable certain settings within the Subset.

To open the Subset Settings you need to follow the same method as the Book Settings.

Brochure Subset.png

Once opened, we have selected this Subset to not be included in the Layout Book ID sequence and to customise the ID’s of all items in this subset with a numerical value starting from 1.

For the other Subsets, we wish to follow a different path

In the DA/CDC PLANS Subset we again do not include the Subset itself in the ID Sequence but we do continue the ID Assignment of the Book Settings for all the items within.

DA:CDC Subset.png

This results in all Layouts following the Numerical Sequence of the Book Settings, as shown in the template:

Layout Book ID's.png


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