Starting a Project

To ensure you’re using the new template, makes sure you choose the following file at the Start Screen:

New Project.png


That’s it!!


What if you can’t see the Template file in that list?
Don’t worry, just please follow this steps:
  1. Click on the drop down menu of the available template files
  2. Click on Browse
Browse Template.png

and then

  1. Search for the file at : M:/Hall and Hart/Drafting/Hall and Hart Template File/Original File
  2. look for “Hall&Hart V20.tpl
  3. Click on “Select”
Template Location.png

**NOTE: The Template file only affects new projects not existing ones.



Once that’s done, and you have started your project file, please make sure you fill up the basic Project Information.
Do this in the very beginning and you don’t have to worry about it later!
Project info

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