Modifying and Upgrading your Template File

If you want to fix something, exclude or include a new element to the Template, All you have to do is to Modify the central file located at :

  • M:/Hall and Hart/Drafting/Hall and Hart Template File/Original File
    And re save it as TPL.

Just make sure you’re strict in keeping a back up in case something goes wrong.
Follow this Checklist if in doubt:

  1. Create a copy of the Original Hall&Hart V20.tpl file and place it in a folder with the current DATE (this will be your back up).
  2. Open the TPL directly, to make sure you are editing the TPL, not creating a new file based on the template.
  3. Make the changes….
  4. Save it with the same name (Hall&Hart V20.tpl).
  5. Test it by creating a new file based on that file (you should not need to change the path form ARCHICAD) but double check to make sure. If that happens follow these instructions.

For Upgrades – that is the next version of ARCHICAD, the best option is always re-creating the File from a native file (empty) and then migrate bits and pieces by using the Attribute Manager and XML files… or everything we have included already in the folder: “#####“.

Somethings will have to be created from scratch – the View Map, Layout Book and Publisher Sets-.
Your second Alternative…. although workable it isn’t quite recommendable: Simply open the TPL in the Newer version of ARCHICAD and just make the Necessary modifications depending on the newer features of ARCHICAD.

Read the Documentation in the GRAPHISOFT website to be informed of the changes and how it will affect the template file. – Link here-  (Link will not work before the release of ARCHICAD 21).


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