In your Hall & Hart Template you will find the following pre-set content for Documentation:

Publisher Sets

The Publisher sets have been divided in 6 folders and include export options for PDF, DWG and BIMx.
Please refer to “The Publisher in Detail” post for more information.


Publisher Set.png

Layout Book

Your Layout Book has been organised to help you in creating the relevant documentation as efficient and accurately as possible.
Folders, Subsets and different Master Layouts have been set for different purposes and stages.
Please refer to “The Layout Book in Detail” post for more information.


Layout Book.png

View Map

There are 5 Folders in the View map.
  • Brochure Plans: A simplified view of the floor plans used for Brochure Plans.
  • DA/CDC Plans: A set of views for all deliverables needed in a DA/CDC Set.
  • Construction Plans: All additional Views needed for a Construction Set.
  • EXTRAS: These include all views used as drafting aids and master layout content. These include Titleblocks, Legends & Notes, Schedules and Indexes.
  • 3D Views: Used to store any 3D Images that need to be saved as views.

Please refer to “The View Map in Detail” post for more information.


View Map.png


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