Hall&Hart ARCHICAD Template File Introduction

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Graphic Overrides

The Graphic Overrides are an important part of your View Settings when it comes to the View Map. They ensure that the views represent correctly but applying a set of rules which change the drawing to suite what you wish to view. To gather an understanding of how these work lets use a View as... Continue Reading →

Favourites in Detail

Favourites will help you with the creation of standard elements in both Modelling and Documentation. The favourites folders in your Template have been organised in 3 main groups: DRAFTING - Contains all the 2D Content. GENERIC - A set of generic settings to set selected tools to the out of the box default. MODELLING - All 3D Content... Continue Reading →

Attributes in your Template File

The Attributes of an ARCHICAD file are the building blocks of everything that gets drawn and modelled. We intentionally divide the Attributes in two groups: The Peripheral Attributes and the Core Attributes. Core Attributes are at the base of the pyramid and they help building the Peripheral Attributes:   and there are also dependencies.... The Attributes... Continue Reading →

The Project Map in Detail

The Project Map has a pre set structure and some pre loaded content distributed across the following Viewpoints: Stories Sections & Elevations Worksheets 3D Documents Schedules Project Indexes Story Settings The stories has been set up with a Ground Floor (0), a Ground Floor Ceiling (1), First Floor (2), a First Floor Ceiling (3) and a Ridge... Continue Reading →

The View Map in Detail

There are two sides of the View Map: The Folder Structure and the dedicated use. The View Settings for different Viewpoints and Graphic Styles. ---------------------------------------------------- THE FOLDER STRUCTURE Each Folder has a purpose and dedicated use. Notice how the structure follows closely to that within the Layout Book. The Workflow is that any view created in... Continue Reading →

The Layout Book in Detail

Your Hall & Hart Template comes with a few Pre-populated Layouts divided into SubSets, let's take a look: THE 'BROCHURE PLANS' SUBSET This Set is for Brochure Plans in A3 format (see also A3 BROCHURE Master Layout) and it will help you create Brochure Plans quickly. There's only a few Auto Texts linked to these masters. Most of the content will... Continue Reading →

The Publisher Sets in Detail

Publisher Sets will help you automate the processes of: Printing, Exporting as PDF - all drawings in one file, Exporting as PDF - each drawing in a separate file, Exporting as DWG and other cool things like; Batch Rendering (multiple renders in a queue) and Exporting BIMx files. All of this with pre-set content, naming conventions,... Continue Reading →

ARCHICAD Libraries for the New Template File

The libraries linked to your Template are divided like this: Embedded Libraries for project specific purposes. ARCHICAD Library 20 as standard. Australian Essentials Library for extra library objects. Dulux_AUS for DULUX coded colours. NOTE: It is important to Migrate the Library as you migrate your projects to newer versions of ARCHICAD. Most objects should be compatible... Continue Reading →

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